How Meetings Work

How society meetings work

All meetings are planned and carried out by students from both the committee and the membership base.

Society meetings start just after 18:30 and last around 40 minutes, however the room is booked for a full hour.

We try to keep the gathering interesting by having variety of types of presentations and debates within the room, we also relish the idea of students challenging our beliefs and opinions in order to stimulate the minds of our members.

The committee usually carries out the majority of presentations, however we will always encourage presentations from our members, whilst offering our guidance and support. The committee sees this as a brilliant way to improve our members presentation skills in a safe and "slightly judgemental" environment. 

Previous presentation ideas

  • Zika Virus
  • The Olympics
  • Venezuela's Economy
  • The Cost of Student Living
  • The Rothschild
  • Conspiracy Theories
  • The Exponential Growth of Social Media
  • Negative Interest Rates
The inspiration for a presentation can come literally out of any and still somehow be linked to Economics. This is the key concept that we as committee members try to get across to students. We try to make students see the Economics of the World in a wider sense than just macro and micro economics.
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