About Us

What We Do

Since 2007, we have been an essential part of the Economics experience at the University of Kent


1) To provide our members with fun and rewarding experiences.

2) To facilitate networking of our members

3) To develop the employability and skills of our members

The Team

President :
Kushal Patel - kjp30@kent.ac.uk

Vice President:
Annabel Brown - ab857@kent.ac.uk

Michael David Soussan - mdps2@kent.ac.uk

Head Researcher: 
Filip Olofsson - fko3@kent.ac.uk

Social Secretary: 
Barney Molloy - bpm20@kent.ac.uk

Communications and Logistics Manager: 
Jack Baldock - jb860@kent.ac.uk

Open for application

Open for application

Partnership Manager: 
Open for application
Our team is composed entirely of students from the University of Kent and we work on a volunteer basis through Kent Union.
We are confident in our ability to pass on our knowledge and experience onto members due to covering a extensive range of years spent studying within our committee.
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